We lovingly developed all the recipes below using our quality local produce. Our detailed, step-by-step guides have everything you need to make impressively tasty meals every single time. So whether you have some burgers from our Skinni Range or some deliciously tender fillet steaks – find the recipe for you below.

Skinni Sweet Chilli Burger with Stir Fry VegWe have taken our Skinni sweet chilli burger, topped with some lightly cooked crunchy stir fry veg, and encased in a wholemeal square sandwich pocket. Ours was cooked on the barbecue but will cook just as well indoors on a griddle pan. This recipe uses both burgers in one sandwich, but you could use the recipe to make two portions.
Moroccan Skinni Meatballs with Wholewheat Cous CousOur Skinni Meatballs are given a North Africa twist in this quick and easy supper dish. Served over a small portion of wholewheat cous and with a big leafy salad, this is real eating Skinni style. We have used fresh coriander, but you could use parsley or even mint if you don't get along with coriander.
Super Skinni Low Carb Burgers (Sweet Chilli Egg Roll)Made with our popular low fat burgers from the Skinni range, this recipe takes the notion of Skinni eating one step further with a truly low carb take on a traditionally high carb favourite. We have made some suggestions for fillings; the lettuce one takes a traditional fresh approach whilst the egg roll mixes it up with a sweet chilli burger and a sauced up pepper/mushroom combo.
Super Skinni Low Carb Burgers (Lettuce Wrap Burger)Made with our popular high protein, low fat burgers from the Skinni Range, this recipe takes the notion of Skinni eating one step further with a truly low carb take on a traditionally high carb favourite. We have made some suggestions for fillings; the lettuce one takes a traditional fresh approach whilst the egg roll mixes it up with a sweet chilli burger and a sauced up pepper/mushroom combo.
Skinni Beef Olives with Mushroom GravyWith one teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of fat added to Skinni beef olives and piles of fresh vegetables, this Skinni recipe is a comfort food dream. Swede and carrot add flavour and texture to humble mashed potato and ramp up the nutritional profile. Braised in beef stock until tender, the beef olives are draped in a rich mushroom and onion gravy. Add in a serving of kale to round out the meal and you are definitely onto a winner.
Famous Skinni Range StoviesBe still our beating hearts; it's stovies, Skinni style. A Scottish classic, made the west coast way with square sausage. We have used our popular Skinni slice to cut the fat and the calories but none of the taste. You can use any kind of beef stock that you like; we used a good old Oxo cube.
Skinni Pork Kebabs with Red Cabbage and Apple SaladA simple and healthy way to make the most of our Skinni pork kebabs, you can keep the calories down by sticking with the protein and salad, or you could add carbs in the form of a mini wrap or two. Red cabbage and apple go particularly well together and also compliment the pork. The kebabs are already seasoned so there is no need for extra sauce or marinade.
Skinni Chicken Tikka Masala with Sweet Potato BhajiIndulge in the nations favourite takeaway Skinni style with our fabulous Skinni chicken tikka masala served with a sweet potato bhaji. Ridiculously easy to make, the sweet potato bhaji mimics the qualities of an onion bhaji but without the vat of fat. Cook the curry as normal, remembering that our Skinni curries allow you to choose your heat level, quickly put together the potato mix and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.
Skinni Peppered Beef Steaks with Baked Sweet Potato and Low Fat SlawThese Skinni peppered beef steaks are made from the leanest cuts of beef and coated in delicious parsley and pepper crumb. Suitable for BBQ, grill, or even pan fried with a few sprays of oil, they are an excellent low fat, low carb, high protein option. For this recipe, we cooked the steaks on the BBQ and served with a baked sweet potato and a creamy low-fat slaw. You could bake the potatoes in the oven, or stick them in the coals wrapped in foil. Sweet potato cooks faster than white potato so they will bake in about 45 minutes.
Skinni Mexican Chicken with Dirty Rice SaladPerfect for the BBQ, or indoor griddle, these Skinni Mexican chicken fillets scrub up pretty well with a colourful rice salad on the side. Use any rice you wish, or cut corners with pre-prepared pouch. Look out in your local supermarket for chipotle paste; an easy way to add smoky heat to the dressing. A great low calorie main, but feel free to omit the avocado if you are strict about fat intake.
Open Skinni Beef Kebabs with Greek Salad and Fat Free TzatzikiIn this summery Skinni recipe, we have served Skinni beef kebabs straight from the BBQ with a chunky Greek salad, fat-free tzatziki, and a diet-friendly bread option to keep it real. You could of course skip the bread and go naked should the desire take you. Use Total or Liberte fat-free plain yoghurt as they both keep their creamy texture well.
Skinni Italian Butterfly Chicken Caesar SaladOur Skinni Italian butterfly chicken steaks are ideal for the barbecue, served with just a salad and a baked potato. But you could also ring the changes with this easy recipe for Skinni Italian chicken caesar salad. Made with crisp romaine lettuce, a low fat caesar dressing, and our cheats lo cal croutons, it makes a great alternative and stays satisfyingly Skinni.
Skinni Chinese Pork Steak with Stir Fry Rice SaladThese Skinni Chinese style pork steaks will cook equally well outdoors or in. Served hot from the grill, with a quick-to-make stir fry/salad, they offer all the flavour with none of the fat. We have used convenience items from the supermarket shelf to make this a super speedy summer feast.
Naked Skinni Burger Stack with Low Sugar Peach Bbq SauceGo bread free with our naked Skinni burgers, stacked with vegetables and drizzled with a low sugar bbq sauce. Perfect for a bit of summer indulgence without the carbs. Best done outdoors on the bbq for grilling the vegetables, but can be done indoors on a grill pan.
Skinni Beef Sausage Puttanesca with Butternut SpaghettiA fiery pasta sauce, the original puttanesca would use a fair bit of oil, but for our Skinni version we use as little as possible and ramp up the tomato instead. Made with olives, capers, and anchovies, the sauce is not so much fishy as deeply savoury. Often used sparingly as a seasoning, anchovies bring a salty depth that salt alone would not achieve and is a great little addition to your culinary arsenal. If you do not want to make your own sauce then use a store-bought version but do watch out for the calorie content before you commit.
Skinni Jalfrezi with Peppers and ChickpeasOur Skinni curries are great just as they come, but with a few tweaks here and there you can not only ring the changes but ramp up the nutrient content too. Here we add extra peppers, a handful of spinach (our go-to green) and a tin of chickpeas to make it super filling and extra healthy. You could add rice, but with the filling protein from the chicken and the chickpeas, we think it needs nothing at all. Add a roti or chapati if you are proper hungry; a healthier choice than naan bread.
Skinni Chicken Korma with Mint, Peas and SpinachThe delicate flavour of our Skinni korma works perfectly with an upgrade of peas and spinach. Served with plain rice, stirred through with fresh mint, it makes a fresh and light dish that manages to be comforting at the same time. A simple side of fresh pea shoots would be great.
Skinni Pork Meatball Chilli with Coriander Rice and Avocado SalsaOur Skinni pork meatballs with a hot and spicy seasoning are just perfect for a Skinni twist on chilli con Carne. Packed with flavour, our pork chilli is easy to make from scratch but you could use a jar of sauce if you like; just remember to check the label. We run fresh coriander through it to serve with the Skinni pork chilli.
Skinni Chicken Fillets Stuffed with Black Pudding, with Spinach Pine Nuts and RaisinsThis is an elegant little dish that would suit a celebratory dinner as well as a weekday meal. The side dish is an Italian classic, but we have switched out the olive oil and lemon juice that would usually moisten the dish and replaced it with 0% creme fraiche. The creaminess works really well against the iron of the spinach and the black pudding. You could add another vegetable to the plate; the sweetness of butternut squash or carrots would work pretty well.
Black Pudding, Apple & Roasted Parsnip SaladA warm salad is the ideal solution for a quick and easy supper that doesn't break the bank, contains plenty of vegetables, and isn't a stir fry. It can often be tempting to throw too much at a dish; a stir fry with every veg going, a salad ditto. Black pudding is a wonderful ingredient. Deeply flavoured, a little goes a long way. The apple lends that sweet yet sharp thing so unique to apple, whilst parsnip (the surprise ingredient here) adds a squashy texture and earthy depth.
Black Pudding KedgereeThis recipe highlights the versatility of black pudding with a major renovation of a classic brunch dish; kedgeree. Nothing has been removed but each ingredient shines with health and we have added more than a few extras to please your body and mind. Brown basmati rice takes the best of brown rice and basmati to give a finely textured and flavourful base. We have also added Puy lentils in to shake it up a bit.
Haggis Shepherds PieA subtle twist on classic Burn's Night ingredients makes use of the versatility of haggis to create an easy everyday supper dish.
Duck, Bubble & SqueakUsually made with the leftovers from a Sunday roast but the concept of soft duck, mashed potato and greens fried to crisp perfection was just too hard to resist. Of course if you happen to have these leftovers hanging around then by all means go for it. We are guessing not, so here's how to do it from scratch. The poached egg on the top is utterly non-negotiable; the runny yolk bathes the ingredients in creamy loveliness and a hen's egg just doesn't quite cut it; sorry hens.
Wild Venison Stovies – Easy Way to Cook VenisonIf you are not sure about cooking venison then this is a really easy place to start. Mild in flavour, yet definitely recognisably venison, the meat of the wild Scottish roe deer deserves to be included in this, one of the most famed of all Scottish dishes. The aim here, was a kind of sliceable meat and potato pie. It is a fabulous one pot dish for supper, with bags more flavour because of the venison. The recipe makes enough for 4, but will do for two as it makes a great no brainer dish for supper the next day.
Wild Venison Steak with Chanterelles and Pink Peppercorn SauceThe meat of wild Scotch roe deer is mild yet full of flavour. Should you be new to venison, this is a great way to try it; familiar enough to stay well within steak territory, yet with a slight twist on flavour that suits the wild meat perfectly. If you can't get chanterelles, use any mushroom available or simply leave them out.
Wild Venison Pot PieA rich stew of venison meat, simmered with savoury beef stock and the sweetness of bramble jelly, forms the base of these individual pot pies. Shop bought puff pastry is far easier and even far better than most of us will ever make at home and even chefs consider it a perfectly standard ingredient. There is no need to thicken a stew with flour, a spoonful of tomato puree is all you need for a well-reduced gravy.
Venison Sliders with Cranberry MayoThese festive sliders are ideal for Christmas entertaining and the wild Ayrshire venison gives them a lovely grown-up twist. So simple to make, and utterly delicious, you can make them as large or as small as you want; from full-size burger to bite-size slider. If you can find tiny bread buns to suit the purpose then cut out rounds using a pastry cutter, making sure that you twist as you cut to prevent the bread squashing down.
Chicken, Ham & Green Pea GnocchiPotato, that can be bound in creamy sauce. Who knew? Clearly the Italians did, but it remains doubtful that they make their own by hand every time. This is how fast, off the shelf, food should be. It will literally stroke your soul until all is well with the world. And sing you a lullaby whilst doing it.
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