About Us

West Coast Foods was born out of a love of cooking with the best ingredients that have come from the land. We have always focused on sourcing the highest-quality produce from local farmers and then making them accessible to our customers in the most sustainable way possible. 

All our meat and ready meals are prepared in-house by our award-winning master butchers, so you always get the best cuts and freshest products.  

We’re proud of our Scottish roots. Food is all about the land and so Scotland has some of the finest produce in the world. You really can taste the quality of our products – that’s why our customers keep coming back to us! 

Quality & Service First – Everything Else After

That’s how it’s always been with us, and that’s how we continue to operate our business to this day. 


We’re located on the beautiful Ayrshire coast on the west of Scotland. Our location means that we have access to some of the best produce in Scotland and allows us to ensure freshness and quality every single time. 

If you live nearby, drop into our shop and see us today!

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