Why Choose Wild Venison?

Wild Venison

Venison is a truly versatile meat. A Scottish favourite for years it has started to grow further in popularity because of its health benefits and is now sold in supermarkets across the country. However, much of the venison that you see on the shelves is from red deer and in fact, much of it has also been imported from New Zealand, despite Scotland having an abundance of wild venison available!  Wild Roe Deer Venison is some of the highest quality local produce you can get and choosing Wild Venison is great for a number of reasons:

Local and sustainable

Wild deer are part of the Scottish landscape and can often be seen roaming the countryside. It is estimated that in the UK there are around 1.5 million deer which means that the countryside is overpopulated with them!  This can cause damage to woodland & farmland and means that around 20-25% of adult deer need to be shot each year in order to keep their numbers manageable.

This is a full-time job that creates employment in local areas and is a key part of countryside management. Wild Roe Deer are only culled during autumn and winter as part of that management process and this also ensures the welfare of the deer with humane killing practices.

All this adds up to venison being a seasonal, sustainable option that you can buy locally, rather than relying on imported or farmed alternatives.  It benefits both the environment and the local economy.

It’s healthy

Venison is also one of the healthiest meats that you can purchase. It is well known for being leaner than beef and thanks to its low fat and high protein content it has become a popular choice. But did you also know that it has more iron than any other red meat and is low in cholesterol?  By choosing wild venison, you can also be sure it is free of antibiotics and similar interventions that can be found in farmed meat, given that it lives a natural life, eating only what grows in the Scottish countryside.

It tastes great and is extremely versatile

Many people think that venison has a strong musky flavour, but this is actually down to the breed of the deer and how long it was hung for. Red Deer can have a strong taste, but Wild Roe Deer Venison is much more delicate and the best among the quality venison you can get.

Wild Venison is seasonal and is available in autumn/winter.  It goes really well with other autumnal flavours such as wild mushrooms and berries and can be eaten in anything from stews and pies, to burgers and roast dinners. There are a variety of cuts available and each of these lends itself to some delicious dishes.

We are proud to have partnerships with local stalkers so that we can bring you Wild venison that is sustainably sourced and local. We stock Wild Ayrshire Roe deer and we suggest you try it for yourself to see just how tender and delicate in flavour it is.

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