Why Choose Stornoway Black Pudding?

Stornaway Black Pudding

Black pudding, it contains the humblest of ingredients and has been made the same way for centuries, but are all black puddings made equal? In the UK there are countless regional variations of black pudding each with their own blend of suet, oatmeal, onions, sheep’s, cow’s or pig’s blood and seasoning, but the one that […]

Roll and Slice, And a Bottle O’ Juice

Scotch Steak Slice Sausage

Chances are that if you are Scottish (regardless of whether you live here, there, or everywhere) and we were to bravely fold back the corners of your psyche, what we would find first and foremost is square sausage. Fried to a crisp, with a melting meaty interior, and slipped lovingly into a Glasgow roll with […]