Roll and Slice, And a Bottle O’ Juice

Scotch Steak Slice Sausage

Chances are that if you are Scottish (regardless of whether you live here, there, or everywhere) and we were to bravely fold back the corners of your psyche, what we would find first and foremost is square sausage.

Fried to a crisp, with a melting meaty interior, and slipped lovingly into a Glasgow roll with a goodly amount of Gold Star brown sauce, it will cure your hangover, soothe all ills, comfort you like only a mother can, and possibly even create world peace.

As part of a gargantuan Scottish breakfast and/or anytime fry-up it will do all of the above and more.

Check out this guy below. It’s an old vid that went viral last year but if anything will make you long for that taste of home then this could well be it.

You can now have this delectable square sausage delivered straight to your home within 24 hours. Take tomorrow off, have a big night out, then get stuck into Scotland’s finest when it arrives tomorrow. Nae bother.

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