Skinni Range Slim Pack


Our Skinni Range is all hand crafted, in house, by our team of award-winning butchers. Made with only the leanest cuts of meat, they deliver on flavour but without all of the fat. Make the most of our value packs.

1x Skinni Slice Half Block (10x 75g)
1x Skinni Mince (400g)
1x Skinn Beef Olives (4x 70g)
1x Skinni Black Pudding (4x 50g)
2x Skinni Chicken Fillets (3x 200g)
1x Skinni Burgers (2x 113g)
1x Skinni Sweet Chilli Burgers (2x 113g)
2x Skinni Meat Balls (6x 40g)
1x Skinni Beef Sausages (4x 55g)
1x Skinni Pork Sausages (4x 55g)

Skinni Slice (8 x 75g)

Skinni Mince 400g

Skinni Beef Olives (4x 70g)

Skinni Black Pudding (4x 50g)

Chicken Fillets (3x 200g) × 2

Skinni Burgers (2x 113g)

Skinni Sweet Chilli Burgers (2x 113g)

Skinni Meat Balls (6x 40g) × 2

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Skinni Beef Sausages (4x 55g)

Skinni Pork Sausages (4x 55g)

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