Skinni Range Mix Meat Pack


Braw is the Scottish word for excellent, and it certainly sums up this pack well!

Beef, beef and more beef along with lots of pork. This pack is full of our leanest, tastiest beef and pork cuts, including:

1x Skinni Pork Sausages (4x 55g)
1x Skinni Chinese Pork Steaks (2x 105g)
1x Skinni Burgers (2x 113g)
1x Skinni Sweet Chilli Burgers (2x 113g)
1x Skinni Beef Sausages (4x 55g)
1x Skinni Beef Olives (4x 70g)
1x Skinni Meat Balls (6x 40g)
1x Skinni Slice (8x 75g)
1x Skinni Mince 400g
1x Skinni Peppered Beef Steaks (2x 105g)

Skinni Pork Sausages (4x 55g)

Skinni Chinese Pork Steaks (105g x2)

Skinni Burgers (2x 113g)

Skinni Sweet Chilli Burgers (2x 113g)

Skinni Beef Sausages (4x 55g)

Skinni Beef Olives (4x 70g)

Skinni Meat Balls (6x 40g)

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Skinni Slice (8 x 75g)

Skinni Mince 400g

Skinni Peppered Beef Steaks (105g x2)

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