We lovingly developed all the recipes below using our quality local produce. Our detailed, step-by-step guides have everything you need to make impressively tasty meals every single time. So whether you have some burgers from our Skinni Range or some deliciously tender fillet steaks – find the recipe for you below.

Chicken, Ham & Green Pea GnocchiPotato, that can be bound in creamy sauce. Who knew? Clearly the Italians did, but it remains doubtful that they make their own by hand every time. This is how fast, off the shelf, food should be. It will literally stroke your soul until all is well with the world. And sing you a lullaby whilst doing it.
Creamy Chicken Livers on ToastChicken livers are the friendliest of all the offal and with careful handling can become a well worn favourite. Exceptionally quick to cook, these livers on toast can be ready in minutes and are like chicken liver pate without all the fuss of actually making a pate. Cut small, and with all of the sinew removed, chicken livers break down into a soft mass that is perfect for piling on toast as a decadent lunch or supper.
Chicken ParmesanChicken Parmigiana is essentially a dish of breaded chicken with Parmesan, Mozzarella and tomato ragu. Where you go from there is up to you. Much loved by British takeaways, the popular version is a breaded escalope smothered in tomato sauce and cheese; sometimes bΓ©chamel sauce is involved. The more homely Italian style version uses stuffed whole breasts and the sauce may have added vegetables such as courgettes and aubergines.
Slow Cooker Chicken CurryThis recipe has been developed specifically for the slow cooker, although you could easily cook it in a saucepan or the oven. To make life really simple, there is no browning involved; just put the ingredients in the cooking pot and go. If you are out at work all day then go for 8 hours on low. If you can get away with a shorter cooking time then choose 3 hours on high. The heat level is between mild and moderate; to alter, just use more or fewer chillies.