We lovingly developed all the recipes below using our quality local produce. Our detailed, step-by-step guides have everything you need to make impressively tasty meals every single time. So whether you have some burgers from our Skinni Range or some deliciously tender fillet steaks – find the recipe for you below.

Stuffed Lamb MeatloafHere, we use the softest of the minced meats (lamb) and follow an Italian style method that uses breadcrumbs and eggs for a soft gentle finish. Stuffing it brings moisture from the inside too, so what you end up with is just a great big meatball really. The peppers add a wonderful sweet edge, and you can't have something that proclaims to be a giant meatball without a healthy dose of melting, stringy, mozzarella cheese. Sauce is absolutely essential, something tomatoey to complete the meatball analogy, and a fresh crisp salad keeps it all firmly in its place.
Lovely Lamb & LentilsPuy lentils mixed with some little extras to maximise flavour and served with a perfectly pan-fried lamb chop; no spices, no tricks, just good honest lamb flavour. On the side, the intense sweet flavour of roasted carrots pairs perfectly with the inherently sweet meat of the lamb; a casual toss of fresh mint ties them together with a familiar note. Pile on the soft savoury lentils and you've got something a bit laid back but also totally styling; a bit like us really.