We lovingly developed all the recipes below using our quality local produce. Our detailed, step-by-step guides have everything you need to make impressively tasty meals every single time. So whether you have some burgers from our Skinni Range or some deliciously tender fillet steaks – find the recipe for you below.

Black Pudding, Apple & Roasted Parsnip SaladA warm salad is the ideal solution for a quick and easy supper that doesn't break the bank, contains plenty of vegetables, and isn't a stir fry. It can often be tempting to throw too much at a dish; a stir fry with every veg going, a salad ditto. Black pudding is a wonderful ingredient. Deeply flavoured, a little goes a long way. The apple lends that sweet yet sharp thing so unique to apple, whilst parsnip (the surprise ingredient here) adds a squashy texture and earthy depth.
Black Pudding KedgereeThis recipe highlights the versatility of black pudding with a major renovation of a classic brunch dish; kedgeree. Nothing has been removed but each ingredient shines with health and we have added more than a few extras to please your body and mind. Brown basmati rice takes the best of brown rice and basmati to give a finely textured and flavourful base. We have also added Puy lentils in to shake it up a bit.
Haggis Shepherds PieA subtle twist on classic Burn's Night ingredients makes use of the versatility of haggis to create an easy everyday supper dish.