We lovingly developed all the recipes below using our quality local produce. Our detailed, step-by-step guides have everything you need to make impressively tasty meals every single time. So whether you have some burgers from our Skinni Range or some deliciously tender fillet steaks – find the recipe for you below.

Duck, Bubble & SqueakUsually made with the leftovers from a Sunday roast but the concept of soft duck, mashed potato and greens fried to crisp perfection was just too hard to resist. Of course if you happen to have these leftovers hanging around then by all means go for it. We are guessing not, so here's how to do it from scratch. The poached egg on the top is utterly non-negotiable; the runny yolk bathes the ingredients in creamy loveliness and a hen's egg just doesn't quite cut it; sorry hens.
Wild Venison Stovies – Easy Way to Cook VenisonIf you are not sure about cooking venison then this is a really easy place to start. Mild in flavour, yet definitely recognisably venison, the meat of the wild Scottish roe deer deserves to be included in this, one of the most famed of all Scottish dishes. The aim here, was a kind of sliceable meat and potato pie. It is a fabulous one pot dish for supper, with bags more flavour because of the venison. The recipe makes enough for 4, but will do for two as it makes a great no brainer dish for supper the next day.
Wild Venison Steak with Chanterelles and Pink Peppercorn SauceThe meat of wild Scotch roe deer is mild yet full of flavour. Should you be new to venison, this is a great way to try it; familiar enough to stay well within steak territory, yet with a slight twist on flavour that suits the wild meat perfectly. If you can't get chanterelles, use any mushroom available or simply leave them out.
Wild Venison Pot PieA rich stew of venison meat, simmered with savoury beef stock and the sweetness of bramble jelly, forms the base of these individual pot pies. Shop bought puff pastry is far easier and even far better than most of us will ever make at home and even chefs consider it a perfectly standard ingredient. There is no need to thicken a stew with flour, a spoonful of tomato puree is all you need for a well-reduced gravy.
Venison Sliders with Cranberry MayoThese festive sliders are ideal for Christmas entertaining and the wild Ayrshire venison gives them a lovely grown-up twist. So simple to make, and utterly delicious, you can make them as large or as small as you want; from full-size burger to bite-size slider. If you can find tiny bread buns to suit the purpose then cut out rounds using a pastry cutter, making sure that you twist as you cut to prevent the bread squashing down.