We lovingly developed all the recipes below using our quality local produce. Our detailed, step-by-step guides have everything you need to make impressively tasty meals every single time. So whether you have some burgers from our Skinni Range or some deliciously tender fillet steaks – find the recipe for you below.

Creamy Chicken Livers on ToastChicken livers are the friendliest of all the offal and with careful handling can become a well worn favourite. Exceptionally quick to cook, these livers on toast can be ready in minutes and are like chicken liver pate without all the fuss of actually making a pate. Cut small, and with all of the sinew removed, chicken livers break down into a soft mass that is perfect for piling on toast as a decadent lunch or supper.
Chicken ParmesanChicken Parmigiana is essentially a dish of breaded chicken with Parmesan, Mozzarella and tomato ragu. Where you go from there is up to you. Much loved by British takeaways, the popular version is a breaded escalope smothered in tomato sauce and cheese; sometimes bΓ©chamel sauce is involved. The more homely Italian style version uses stuffed whole breasts and the sauce may have added vegetables such as courgettes and aubergines.
Slow Cooker Chicken CurryThis recipe has been developed specifically for the slow cooker, although you could easily cook it in a saucepan or the oven. To make life really simple, there is no browning involved; just put the ingredients in the cooking pot and go. If you are out at work all day then go for 8 hours on low. If you can get away with a shorter cooking time then choose 3 hours on high. The heat level is between mild and moderate; to alter, just use more or fewer chillies.
Stupendously Sticky Ribs and Chunky ColeslawWe promise that if you go to the trouble of making these ribs, you will never look back. Time-consuming, rather than difficult, they are SO worth it. And the sauce is something you could make and bottle to serve with everything. Just omit the marinade stage and cook it down; hoi sin meets barbecue, with a tiny hint of smoky heat. You actually won't find ribs this good anywhere.
Crisp Belly Pork Cubes with Sage and Onion MashDeliciously melting cubes of pork belly are served over creamy mash with sage and red onion. Topped with sharp Bramley apple sauce and served over crisp green salad this is the light, summery version of classic winter comfort food. You need to prepare the belly pork ahead of time for the perfect melting texture that makes this dish so special.
Braised Pork Chops in CiderThis easy to cook, one pot pork recipe uses prime Scotch pork chops and braises them potato, apple, onion and a hint of sage. A good glug of cider intensifies the apple flavour as well as keeping that pork lovely and tender. You could use apple juice or even water for a similar result. This dish was developed for the oven but would suit the slow cooker too; just be sure to reduce the amount of liquid by half and for best results brown it through in the oven before serving.
Pork Loin with Normandy DauphinoiseHere the pork loin is simply seasoned and pan-fried. All of the extra flavours and textures are in the creamy potato dish served with it. We have taken potatoes, apples, and fennel, all classic pork flavours, and dauphinoised them; essentially baked them in cream. A little sage, a soupcon of garlic, and a lot of love later you have a divine dish on the table that is bang up to date.
Ham Hock, Roast Cauliflower, Potatoes, Cheese and Parsley SauceAn inexpensive ham hock is a source of concentrated flavour that, given the luxury of time, will provide you with two delicious meals. The meat, in this case, is shredded and added to a rich cheese and parsley sauce. Draped across a bowl of crisp potatoes and roasted cauliflower, with plenty of green rocket keeping it fresh and clean, this is cauliflower cheese with a very modern twist.
Sticky Sausages with Roasted Plums and Red OnionsA perfect one step dish to pop in the oven on a chilly autumn night. Softly roasted plums add a fruity tang that makes a change from the usual apple, and onions with sausages just go without saying. Cooked slowly to a crisp yet sticky exterior and softly yielding flesh, these are perfect for stuffing in a bread bun or alongside creamy mash.
Stuffed Lamb MeatloafHere, we use the softest of the minced meats (lamb) and follow an Italian style method that uses breadcrumbs and eggs for a soft gentle finish. Stuffing it brings moisture from the inside too, so what you end up with is just a great big meatball really. The peppers add a wonderful sweet edge, and you can't have something that proclaims to be a giant meatball without a healthy dose of melting, stringy, mozzarella cheese. Sauce is absolutely essential, something tomatoey to complete the meatball analogy, and a fresh crisp salad keeps it all firmly in its place.
Lovely Lamb & LentilsPuy lentils mixed with some little extras to maximise flavour and served with a perfectly pan-fried lamb chop; no spices, no tricks, just good honest lamb flavour. On the side, the intense sweet flavour of roasted carrots pairs perfectly with the inherently sweet meat of the lamb; a casual toss of fresh mint ties them together with a familiar note. Pile on the soft savoury lentils and you've got something a bit laid back but also totally styling; a bit like us really.
Lots of Beef Brisket and Rich Barley BrothBased on a classic meat dish, one that most countries have some version of, this is essentially a rich meaty broth with vegetables and barley, with the brisket served separately and eaten with fresh crusty bread and pickles. Brisket is a fantastic cut of beef, best suited to cooking in this manner, and often overlooked or, at the very least, misused. We would would usually serve with mustard and gherkins but have replaced them with piccalilli for a change.
Steak Pie with Clapshot and PeasPlenty of gravy, piles of frozen peas, and with lots of potato and swede mash to glue it all to the fork. The star anise in such a small amount is there purely to bring out all the savoury flavour of the meat. Use ready-rolled puff pastry to make life easy and bring a billowing steaming homemade steak pie to the table. The filling in this pie needs to be perfectly cool before adding the pastry and baking.
Beef Rib Tacos with Charred Pepper & Corn SaladSomewhere in between a soft taco and a tostada, depending on how you far you take the tortilla, but that's where the Mexican connection ends. Flavour has to work and every single ingredient must play its part. Scotch rib steak gives a one-two punch with some surprising spices and is served alongside a vibrant salad of beans with charred pepper and crunchy baby corns. No lime juice, no coriander, just some soft avocado for a wonderfully creamy edge.
Italian Braised Beef Olives with Parmesan CrumbOur beef olives are made from the finest Scotch beef wrapped around our beef sausage meat and are as delicious as they are economical. Savoury, savoury, savoury is the best way to describe it. With a layer of fresh breadcrumbs with herbs and parmesan and bake it a little bit more. Add something green and glass of red and you've got bistro food on the table to the sound of thunderous applause.
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