Eating Seasonal

Eating Seasonal

In a world where all varieties of food are available all the time, it’s easy to forget that seasons actually exist when produce is at its best quality and available locally. However, there are some very good reasons why eating seasonal is a great idea…

To reduce food miles and the impact on the environment   

Eating food that is not in season locally generally means importing it from elsewhere in the world. This means that there is a large amount of energy needed to grow and transport this food. If you are eating food imported from Spain, New Zealand or Africa then the CO2 emissions used to get it here have had a detrimental effect on the environment and could have been avoided if you’d picked a local in-season alternative. Luckily, Scotland and the UK are home to great tasting, fresh produce every season!

You will save money

Generally eating food that is not in season will cost more as it is in scarcer supply and also has higher overheads associated with its production and transportation to you. You’ve probably noticed this with food such as strawberries which, although available all year round, are much more affordable in summer when there is an abundance of local suppliers. Eating seasonally can help you to ensure that you save money on your weekly shop.

You will be supporting local suppliers

Eating seasonally means eating what is available locally, this is a great way to support local farmers and suppliers. At West Coast Foods we pride ourselves in supporting local farmers and believe that the people who help us bring you that fine piece of premium Ayrshire fillet or wild venison should be treated fairly.

To reconnect with a traditional way of eating

Before import/export networks were so well established and before travel was so easy people had no choice but to eat what was available locally. This meant that people were aware of what was seasonal and ate accordingly. It’s why stews and soup are associated with winter and salad is a summer dish, because once upon a time getting lettuce or tomato in December simply wasn’t possible! This way of eating will make you really appreciate the variety of foods available seasonally, and the range of meals you can create with them.

It’s fresher, tastier and more nutritious

Food that is in season tends to be fresher, tastier and more nutritious. Fresher because it hasn’t traveled far to get to you, so you’re getting it much closer to the time it was harvested and tastier and more nutritious because it is growing at the time it is supposed to and hasn’t been forced into production.

Eating seasonally is a great way to help you experiment with the abundance of local produce available and at West Coast Foods we pride ourselves on having the best seasonal produce from across Scotland. Take a look at our current products and suggested recipes for your next seasonal meal idea.

Our Top Tip!

Buying local, seasonal produce is a great way to save money, help the environment and support local farmers. Buying fresh and freezing local goods gives you these benefits and means you can eat what you want all year long! Getting to local shops can at times be difficult as we all live hectic lives. Try ordering seasonal produce online at West Coast Foods – all of our produce is sourced super fresh and suitable for freezing. Check your manufacturer’s guidelines for freezing times.

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