Eat Seasonal – Lamb in October

Scotch Lamb

In New Zealand, sheep outnumber people 10 to 1!  That’s why there is always an abundance of cheap, imported New Zealand lamb all year round.  But when Scottish lamb is in season it’s hard to beat!  Spring is the most famous season for lamb, and it’s when the meat is at its most tender, but as the season progresses, the flavour develops and autumn lamb is delicious.

Where to buy

Supermarkets source lamb from farms all over the country, meaning that two cuts bought in the same shop on the same day may taste totally different!  By buying Scotch lamb from a good butcher or farmers’ market, you can find out where the meat comes from and get the same cut from the same farm again if you like it.  At West Coast Foods we buy all our lamb from hand-selected Scottish farms, just ask our butchers in store.

How to store it

Lamb stores well in the fridge for a few days, and large cuts will freeze well – but avoid freezing chops and other smaller cuts as they tend to dry out.

How to cook it

October lamb can handle a more adventurous treatment than spring’s meat.  Try Moroccan recipes with plenty of spice and fruity flavours.  As a rule of thumb, if you’re cooking small cuts of meat quickly in a pan or under the grill, serve slightly pink.  If you’re slow cooking or roasting, make sure the meat is cooked slowly until well done.  Always allow the meat to rest before serving for a tender meal.

Check out our lamb recipes for more suggestions.  To buy fresh lamb online from our master butchers, visit our shop.

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