5 Reasons to Buy Meat Online with West Coast Foods

WCF Reasons

So, why would you want to buy meat online with West Coast Foods? Well, for a start, we sell really great meat; that is after all what we do. So let’s call that number one –

West Coast Foods Sell Really Great Meat

All of our meat is a good quality local Scottish meat. Even if you don’t live in Scotland, we aren’t exactly a million miles away and Scottish produce is some of the best in the world after all. Good meat is a far cry from the mass-produced, intensively reared stuff that we have all become accustomed too. It will cook better, which means good results and a pat on the back for you, and it will eat better. Also more back-patting.

Number two? There are so many to choose from…

Our Service is Second to None

We put great store in good service and if you visit our traditional butchers’ shop in Prestwick you will find not only excellent service, but the knowledge of our Master butchers freely shared, and a good bit of banter usually too. Why the word service seems to be synonymous with tradition, we have absolutely no clue. Surely we still all require respect and pleasing interaction? But the good service extends to our online shop too; we are still human behind the scenes and if you have the need for an actual person to deal with any queries then we are right here.

Two down, three to go. Number three?

We Offer Next Day Delivery

You can have your meat delivered directly to your doorstep the very next day. If you live locally in Ayrshire then our own van will bring it around. If you live within the rest of the UK and Europe then those friendly guys at UPS will take care of it for you. Perfectly temperature controlled, it arrives in the same excellent condition as when it left the shop. If you won’t be in then no worries, it can be left in a safe place and will come to no harm.

Number four? Luckily we aren’t scraping the barrel yet.

We Give Great Information

Our website is not only beautiful but useful too; like all good design should be. Easy to use and a smooth seamless checkout experience, shopping online with West Coast Foods is quite frankly a joy. Not only that but we have useful information all over the place; substantial and informative cooking tips, lots of lovely road-tested recipes and a page dedicated to helping you to get your head around this cooking malarkey. We tell you where your meat comes from and offer information on choosing the best cut for your needs. We use actual words too, with feeling and meaning rather than trimmed down sale speak; meat shopping in your coffee break has never been more enjoyable.

And finally. It has to be our packaging. Here’s number five.

Our Packaging is Beautiful

The devil really is in the detail. And our packaging ticks all the right boxes. Each sturdy box, that protects your meat from ravaging wildlife and the unfortunate effects of temperature, is lined with a beautifully designed brown paper liner. These things do after all matter; for a start, it stops the box from getting wet. All of your meat will come vacuum packed to give it longer shelf life. We vacuum pack it purely for transport at the point of delivery. When the box arrives, the temperature control is so efficient that you can have a cuppa and five minutes before putting it all away. Mind you, rummaging around in that box is quite a delight so you may not want to want. Once you have finished with the box, it has all sorts of uses. Stick it in the boot of the car as a coolbox. Plant a herb garden. Use it to store your files. If you are really thrifty then cover it with a pretty cloth and use it as an end table.

We won’t keep you any longer; you are obviously itching to get shopping.

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