Eat Seasonal – Lamb and Mint

Lamb & Mint

If you’re eating the seasons then Lamb is an absolute must in April, even more so than the Easter eggs! But why do people in mint with lamb? No one quite knows the exact point at which mint became associated with lamb but one thing’s for sure they have been a well-known combination for an […]

Eating Seasonal

Eating Seasonal

In a world where all varieties of food are available all the time, it’s easy to forget that seasons actually exist when produce is at its best quality and available locally. However, there are some very good reasons why eating seasonal is a great idea… To reduce food miles and the impact on the environment    […]

Eating for Autumn: Lamb and Pumpkin Bake


If you’re anything like us, as soon as the big, exciting orange pumpkins appear in the shop, you rush to buy them, dreaming of hand-carved masterpieces in your window, and pumpkin pie on your table.  In reality, mine have sat in the kitchen, looking at me with uncarved faces for a week now…because all that […]

Eat Seasonal – Lamb in October

Scotch Lamb

In New Zealand, sheep outnumber people 10 to 1!  That’s why there is always an abundance of cheap, imported New Zealand lamb all year round.  But when Scottish lamb is in season it’s hard to beat!  Spring is the most famous season for lamb, and it’s when the meat is at its most tender, but as the […]

Eat Seasonal – Pork And Apple

Pork & Apple Pie

Every month we’re going to give you some hints and tips on what’s in season in the UK to help you choose good, local produce for your meals.  By choosing seasonal foods, you get the freshest produce that’s been allowed to ripen and grow slowly as nature intended. The flavour and nutrition are unparalleled compared […]