Eat Seasonal – Pork And Apple

Pork & Apple Pie

Every month we’re going to give you some hints and tips on what’s in season in the UK to help you choose good, local produce for your meals.  By choosing seasonal foods, you get the freshest produce that’s been allowed to ripen and grow slowly as nature intended.

The flavour and nutrition are unparalleled compared to off-season choices as the food is simply fresher.  Eating seasonally can also be an economic option as, when something is in season, there’s an abundance of supply to meet demand.  It’s also more likely to have been produced locally so there is less ‘mileage’ on it, making it cheaper and better for the environment.

Pork and apple started as a pairing because they were two things that needed to be harvested before winter set in.  In other words, the combination started out of necessity!  The pairing is in recipe books from medieval times, when sugar was not readily available to most people, so adding fruit to sweeten meat dishes were common.

There are lots of theories as to why it’s such a good partnership.  Some say that because rotten apples are a common feed for pigs, the meat already is flavoured with apple, and adding the fruit to a pork dish just enhances the natural flavour

Another reason is that the pair seem to be compatible on the flavour scale – things that go well with pork, seem to go well with apples too – like onions and sage, or whole grain mustard.  All delicious in pairs or together.

If you’re looking for a different way to serve your pork this September – why not look at our Braised apple chops in cider?  Delicious and inexpensive, but tastes amazing.

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